Virtual Assistant clients are happy

A happy client is your best ad

There’s only one thing better than a testimonial from a client who happily lists the benefits of your business without being prompted.

That would be when you’re talking about your business to someone at a business seminar and one of your clients walks over, points at you, and says: “If you need a Virtual Assistant, Kaleidoscope is absolutely brilliant. You won’t get better value for your money.”

So I’d like to say a big thank you and give a big thumbs up to Nick Bramley, of Jorvik Associates, who is, incidentally, at the helm of the best sales and business development company you could hope to find!

It’s a great feeling to know that your clients think you are doing a good job – and hearing them say positive things about you in public is great. When you know you’ve done some good work for a client and made a difference to their business, it’s time to ask for something in writing to use on your website and printed marketing material – don’t be shy!

Ideally you want the client to list the benefits they’ve experienced as a result of working with you. That’s definitely preferable to listing the services you provided. And if those benefits tally with your key messages, so much the better!

For example, I would really hope that Kaleidoscope clients are happy to talk about how we do save them time, save them money, reduce their workloads, make their lives easier, and become part of their team.

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