Holidays for the Self Employed Virtual Assistant

A postcard from Cuba

Today I am jetting off to sunny Cuba with all the ingredients of a recipe for relaxation – a swimming costume, my walking boots, an enormous pile of books and my beloved!

What’s this, I hear you say, a self-employed person having a holiday? You take holidays if you are employed by someone and if you are an employer yourself, you let your staff take holidays. So why shouldn’t you take holidays as a home worker?

When I first set up Kaleidoscope Virtual Assistant Services countless doom-and-gloom people said to me I’d be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, I was never going to get my nose out of my laptop. Rubbish!

I’ve discovered you make your own choices about the way you work and you make a choice to have a holiday. I became self employed because I wanted more control, not less, and from the outset I organised Kaleidoscope so it could give me the work-life balance I wanted.

I have one big holiday a year and a few short breaks – would anyone care to say this means I’m not committed to my work? I believe being committed to your work involves being committed to your own wellbeing – or committed is what you will be – to an institution!

I’m not completely joking when I say this – if you don’t take breaks and holidays when you need it, eventually your body will make sure you do get a break, but I think it’s better to take time out in a hotel than in a hospital!

Part of my job as a Virtual Assistant is to make my clients’ lives as easy as possible and allow them to focus on their own work, and with that in mind I made a strategic decision to take on a Virtual Assistant for my own business. This means phone calls and emails will all be picked up, urgent work can be dealt with, and my clients will receive as seamless a service as possible. Biased as I am, I can really recommend this for a stress-free holiday!

My clients are very aware that I’m going away; they received plenty of notice, and none of them begrudge me my time. At the same time I can take a holiday, confident in the knowledge that my Virtual Assistant is managing my business while I’m away.

Tell me what you think of this – I’d especially love to hear from self-employed people who haven’t had a holiday in years. Drop me a line or use the comment box below.

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