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Do you have a contingency plan for success?

Have you defined your Olympic gold yet?

I recently challenged you to decide what you were striving for – to define what Olympic gold in your business would look like to you. Being determined to continue growing, attracting more clients and bigger contracts is all part of the plan for serious small businesses.

If that is the case, you are definitely in for a much, much busier working day. Did you ever wonder how you were going to handle that?

Striving for success without actually planning for that success is an easy oversight, committed by many growing businesses. We get so involved in going for it, we forget to forecast what resources will be needed when all that hard work pays off.

I recently read a blog about an organisation which increased its business by 500%. Great news, of course – but they weren’t ready for it, and it nearly sank them.

Our clients are supporting businesses at an executive level – and they make very sure they know how they are going to deliver exactly what they’ve promised.

Your business may be running smoothly now, but when the pace increases and you’re pushing for that personal best, will your systems be able to keep up? You have (hopefully) put contingency plans in place for IT failures, electricity outages or disasters at the office. But do you have a contingency plan for success?

Fortunately, it’s not difficult, or time-consuming. The main thing you need is an extra pair of hands – professional support that’s there for you, as and when you need it, and to establish that relationship in good time.

A Kaleidoscope Executive Virtual Assistant can work alongside you right now to future-proof your business, getting to know you and your business and being part of the team that helps you step things up a gear. An Executive Virtual Assistant can work with your growth, offering flexible support at a consistently high-level – while you retain full control of the hours and the budget.

If you’re going for gold and you’d like a conversation about the timing, planning and management of your business growth, get in touch and We’d be happy to talk to you about how we can help.

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