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Do your behaviours reflect your values?

I have spent a lot of time over the last 9 years contemplating what my business values are.

If you Google business values you will be provided with a lengthy list of lovely words that we all probably feel apply to us.  Words such as integrity, empowerment, accountability, innovation, quality and respect. The list is endless and it is incredibly difficult to pin-point which of these words mean the most to you.

Values are important.  They provide core principles and standards by which a business, and the people within the business, functions.  They are meaningless however if your values and your behaviours are not aligned.

I recently discovered how important my business values are to me when they were challenged, and I had to literally fight to keep them at the centre of how I run my business.  Throughout the whole experience, I had to constantly refer to my values and ensure that what I was doing and saying reflected what I believed was important to not only my business, but to me personally. It was an exhausting experience and one which without clear business values, I may have made decisions that I later regretted.

I can now reflect on my experiences and although I clearly made the right decisions, I will also learn from the mistakes I made – not communicating clearly enough and making assumptions that others knew what I wanted.  After all, one of my values is courage so learning from mistakes is a key part of this.

Click on the following link to find out more about the values of the Kaleidoscope Virtual Assistant team.

What are your values?  Do your behaviours reflect your values?

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