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Don’t haggle – add value

Many years ago, in a former life, I worked in Egypt, where I learned a lesson that is still very valuable to me in business.

Every time you buy a product or service, it was traditional to haggle over the price. The best advice I received on haggling was to always ensure you paid a price you were happy with – whatever that figure was.

In other words, it’s more important to feel you’re getting value for money, whatever price you pay in the end.

My best practice is not to negotiate on price – after all, I’m not selling second-hand cars! I find it makes much more sense to add as much value as I can, where I can, and always look for creative ways to benefit my clients.

As Virtual Assistants, this involves the same kind of attention to detail as a good full-time Personal Assistant – we pre-empt our clients’ needs, share their business goals and make completely sure we are way ahead on all the work we’re doing for them.

Good clients naturally receive more value the longer they work with a Virtual Assistant, or any other freelance business-to-business service provider, as you build up a good working relationship over time.

You naturally become more familiar with their working styles and priorities, their business and its clients – which means you can add tons of invaluable background knowledge and efficiency to everything you do for them.

It’s a better alternative to being in the position where your charges are so low, you’ve inadvertently put yourself under pressure to cut corners in your work, just so that you can make ends meet.

Low prices don’t automatically mean you’re giving value for money – quality workmanship is more beneficial to you and your clients.

I’d love to know what you think of this – do you drop your prices or add value in your client work?

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