Executive Virtual Assistant

What is an Executive Virtual Assistant?

There are many types of Virtual Assistant, but a Kaleidoscope Executive Virtual Assistant is unique. The main reason for that is that word, ‘executive’, which refers not just to the type of work we do, but the way we do it and the people we do it for.

Non-Executive Directors and Executive Coaches – our main clients – will be working at a very high level, and usually dealing with executives in large corporate organisations. All of their clients have professional PAs running their diaries – and we believe our clients should have exactly the same service.

That means excellent communication skills are one of the hallmarks of an executive VA. Kaleidoscope VAs have a rare combination of charm and persistence, and find exactly the right balance between professionalism and friendliness when dealing with our clients’ clients, to get things done, amicably but very efficiently.

Being Virtual workers, you could say our clients are ‘outsourcing’ their key admin tasks. However, a better word would be ‘insourcing’ because working with a Kaleidoscope VA is about partnering. We become part of your team, we’ll take the time to get to know you and your business and work alongside you towards your goals. So an executive VA is attentive and dedicated, and gives every client the same degree of focus and care.

That brings me on to the next quality of an Executive Virtual Assistant – they must be exceptionally well organised. They’re giving a tailored, personal service to several clients, and they need a laser-like instinct for what to prioritise, as the day develops and the landscape of client work changes. They listen actively, ask appropriate questions, and take responsibility for making sure they have the time and the information they need to get a job done without wasting a second of anyone’s time.

Finally, the most important quality is integrity. Working closely, but remotely with executive clients creates a professional relationship that is held together with pure trust, and transparency. I know there are lots of strange ideas out there about what a Virtual Assistant may be, but Executive Virtual Assistants – certainly Kaleidoscope’s Executive Virtual Assistants – are high-level professionals who make a profitable difference to our clients.

If you’d like to talk about becoming an Executive Virtual Assistant with Kaleidoscope, drop me a line today or click on How to Become a Virtual Assistant.

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