I miss my virtual assistant

I miss my Virtual Assistant

As Virtual Assistants we expect our clients to delegate to us. Part of our role is to help them understand what they can delegate successfully and confidently so they can spend more time on what they should be doing.

However, when the boot was on the other foot and it was my turn to delegate parts of my business administration, I found myself on a learning curve. After working as a personal assistant for years, I grew used to being the person everything was delegated to.

But as a business owner I’ve had to get used to delegating essential services – not just to IT and marketing providers, either, but also to my own Virtual Assistant. And now my Virtual Assistant, Nikki Coverdale, does a great job of taking on some of the essential routine (and non-routine) tasks that keep Kaleidoscope Virtual Assistant Services running smoothly.

One of the obstacles to delegating is that you sometimes think it’s as quick to do a job yourself, but once you’ve invested the time showing your VA what you need done and how to do it, it really does save you time and money.

When Nikki goes on holiday, I can see how far I’ve come, because she really does leave a bit of a hole for me to fill! Of course this is a huge part of my own business message, but it’s great to realise from my own experience how handy it is to have someone I can assign tasks to.

Even when I go on holiday myself, my Virtual Assistant provides back-up for me. I trust her completely to make sure my business continues to tick over. This means I can take time off without a mobile phone or a laptop.

I have to say I do have some sympathy with clients who struggle to delegate tasks, but I can vouch for the benefits of doing so! And once your Virtual Assistant is embedded in your business, but they take a holiday, I can also sympathise with how that feels, too.

Delighted as I am that Nikki enjoys her holidays – I am always very glad to have her back!

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