Virtual Assistant Perfection Paralysis

I’ve been possessed by Mary Poppins!

I hope you have been taking my advice on Perfection Paralysis to heart.

Now it’s time to confess a little paralysis of my own. It’s not quite the same as perfection paralysis – it’s her big sister. Her brisk, whistling, carpet bag-carrying, umbrella-surfing big sister, aka Mary Poppins syndrome – striving to be Practically Perfect in Every Way.

In general I’m a big picture person but in business, I tend to sweat the small stuff. A lot.

I worry about the quality of my work, and I really do want it to be perfect. I’m just not a ‘that’ll do’ kind of person. I’m a ‘that will certainly not do’ kind of person. I don’t just want my clients to be happy. I want them to be ecstatic with the work I produce for them.

If I’m honest, the result of this is often that they get a high quality of work which is finished maybe a little later than they would have liked, to a standard higher than they needed. But wondering whether I crossed all my clients’ I’s and dotted all their T’s keeps me awake at night and I know what it’s like to be that person who is afraid to let a piece of work go until I’ve gone over it just one more time.

And when it comes to my own business, I want Practical Perfection in Every Way – this means in the Kaleidoscope website, the graphics, the copywriting, the strategy and the IT. And as my own specialism is very specialised, and we can’t be perfect at everything, I have spent a lot of money getting in the experts – and I expect the same standards from my suppliers working on my business as I do for myself. Which leads to lots of nitpicking, very expensive bills – and no five star Holiday for me!

To deal with this I have to take a step back and regularly remind myself that good is good enough; Practically Perfect takes too long and it’s not always necessary.

I’m interested to hear from anyone else with this problem – if you find it hard to say ‘that’ll do’ when it comes to working on your business, what is it costing you in time and money?

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