Let go and let your virtual assistant...

Let go and let your Virtual Assistant…..

For the client of a Virtual Assistant, getting a good working relationship up and running often involves a lot more than realising they need help with their business – a shift in mental attitude needs to take place, too.

It’s about developing the trust it takes to let another person have a hand in running their business – or care for their baby, which, for a self-made businessman or woman, may well be how it feels!

A client needs help to make the most of a Virtual Assistant’s services, and if they’re still holding on to jobs they either enjoy doing themselves, or don’t want to entrust to others, this can take time and patience.

There are three main ways we do this at Kaleidoscope:

First, we show we are capable and confident in everything we do. When I first meet a client, I ask them lots of questions to find out about their business and listen out for opportunities to help them. Two main questions are:

What business tasks do you enjoy doing, but know you shouldn’t be doing? Examples would be organising training courses – managing bookings and booking rooms is something a Virtual Assistant can do.

What tasks do you really dread doing that could be delegated to us? A classic example is diary management. Juggling meetings and arranging travel is hard work – and Kaleidoscope Virtual Assistants relish it!

Secondly, when a new client starts working with us, we allow them to start small, and come to rely on us gradually. A good idea, mentioned by Karen Skidmore on the excellent women unlimited website, is to get the client to partition off one area and entrust it to us, such as event organisation or diary management.

We’re looking for the ‘phew factor’, which means the client goes away feeling nothing but relief, knowing that their business is in safe hands.

Finally, Virtual Assistants must be completely honest about their abilities. Basic Virtual Assistant ethics say you must never, ever say you can do something you can’t. You will soon be found out when you mess it up, leading to stress and upset for both the client and the Virtual Assistant.

I’d love to hear more about establishing good working relationships with Virtual Assistants. Drop me a line or leave a comment below.

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