Success in the home office

Success in the home office No. 4

Reward yourself

Goal! When you hit your target, complete your tasks, or tick off everything on your to-do list (that will never happen!) you need to have a little celebration.

Think about it. You are your own boss. What does a good boss do when you do a good job? Say so. That bit of recognition, or an incentive to go on working hard, is even more important when you’re working for yourself from home.

What do I mean by rewards? Well of course when you’ve hit some targets and won some lucrative contracts you can go out and buy yourself a flash car and a fortnight in the Maldives. But really, this series is about the daily grind of home working, so the types of rewards I’m talking about are the little ones.

In the last article I wrote about breaking your goals down into small steps to make them easily achievable. I think you should give yourself a little reward after each one. Personally, I like to have a rest, a walk, a cuppa and maybe 20 minutes of Loose Women.

A warning about rewards – keep them in proportion and don’t let any lazy tendencies take over! A good two hours’ work on an important report does not justify spending the rest of the day on Facebook.

I’ve discovered a great way to tell the difference between a reasonable reward and downright procrastination – you just have a look at how it makes you feel. If you feel satisfied with where you’re at in terms of the day’s work, you’re enjoying a justified reward. If you’re starting to feel a bit uncomfortable and making ‘just five more minutes’ type bargains with yourself, you need to get back to your desk pronto!

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