Success in the home office

Success in the home office No. 5

Set up great systems

What do you do with the handful of business cards you inevitably come away with after every networking event? How do you keep track of your invoices, expenses, and all the other bits of paperwork essential to your business? What’s the best way to be sure those important, but dull little routine tasks get done?

As virtual assistants, it’s crucial for us to stay on top of this, for our clients’ benefit as well as our own. We can’t allow disorganised piles of paper to get in the way of the efficient service we’re committed to providing!

So here are a few of the lessons we have learned along the way about how to keep the home office running smoothly.

Simply because these are back-office matters, particular to your business alone, it doesn’t mean they are unimportant. Filing and administration systems would be imposed on you in an office job, so working from home means you have to impose it on yourself.

You are your own boss, but you’re also your own personal assistant!

Our mission as executive virtual assistants is to help people working for themselves streamline their office processes and develop effective, well-controlled working habits. The goal is to always know exactly where to find the paperwork they may need at any point.

It just takes a step back and a bit of time invested in some strategic thinking.

Spend time organising a functioning filing system that’s right for your business and your working style. For example, allocate a purpose for each document tray, use your magazine files for the brochures, publications and other marketing material your office undoubtedly acquires, and set up folders for VAT, accounts and expenses.

Also, set up a brought forward folder as explained in the virtual assistant top tips section.

Develop a way of keeping track of all your client and product information – colour coded folders, logical file names on your computer and well-designed databases are all great ways of doing this. If that sounds like a pipe dream, drop us a line at Kaleidoscope.

Develop good personal habits as soon as you can. They say it only takes 21 days to create a new habit, so if you change your ways today you’ll be thanking yourself very soon!

Stick to your system like clockwork and never suffer pointless stress again!

If you’ve got any other suggestions for running a happy home office, I’d love to hear from you. Give us a ring at Kaleidoscope, send an email or post your comment below.

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