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Relationships versus Revenue: How do we get this right?

My Virtual Assistant business is all about relationships. Relationships with our clients and relationships with my team members. Without my clients I would have no revenue and without my team members I …

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Executive Virtual Assistant

What is an Executive Virtual Assistant?

There are many types of Virtual Assistant, but a Kaleidoscope Executive Virtual Assistant is unique. The main reason for that is that word, ‘executive’, which refers not just to the …

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Virtual Assistant core values

Do your behaviours reflect your values?

I have spent a lot of time over the last 9 years contemplating what my business values are.
If you Google business values you will be provided with a lengthy list …

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Virtual Assistant at the ready

Do you have a contingency plan for success?

Have you defined your Olympic gold yet?
I recently challenged you to decide what you were striving for – to define what Olympic gold in your business would look like …

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Virtual Assistant Gold Medal

What would be YOUR Olympic gold event?

I’m adding my voice to the chorus of praise ringing loud for the achievements and efforts of Team GB.
This Olympics has truly been tremendous, and like many of you, …

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I miss my virtual assistant

I miss my Virtual Assistant

As Virtual Assistants we expect our clients to delegate to us. Part of our role is to help them understand what they can delegate successfully and confidently so they can …

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Let go and let your virtual assistant...

Let go and let your Virtual Assistant…..

For the client of a Virtual Assistant, getting a good working relationship up and running often involves a lot more than realising they need help with their business – a …

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