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Below are some fantastic examples of the services we provide for our clients.

CGA Management Ltd

CGA Management Ltd

Christina Griffiths, CEO, organisational psychologist and executive coach

Psychometric assessment is a significant part of Christina’s client work, but the administration they require to run is complex and time-consuming. Christina turned to Nikki, her Kaleidoscope Virtual Assistant, for support in freeing her to concentrate on the specialist aspects of the psychometrics that only she could do.

The first job was to embark on some serious learning. Nikki spent time training with Christina in how to administer the psychometrics from start to finish. The tasks include liaising with the psychometric providers on selecting the right assessment, setting everything up for the candidate on the day and being on hand in case of queries or problems, right through to preparing the reports.

Christina and Nikki have a great working relationship, and Nikki has built up some additional expertise of her own. This means we can now help tailor the psychometric assessments and organise the reports precisely to suit both Christina’s deadlines and her clients’ requirements. Freed from all of this admin work, Christina can now give her time to analysing the reports and providing a great service to her clients.

KidsCave Entertainment Limited

KidsCave Entertainment Limited

Andrew Baker, Independent Media Consultant and Non-Executive Director

Andrew is an experienced media consultant who came to Kaleidoscope a few weeks before the Cannes TV Festival for help in introducing a new business venture to his contacts there. Cannes offered a crucial networking opportunity for Andrew. The brief was simple but the time was tight – fill his week at Cannes with as many meetings as possible.

Diary management is a core service of any Kaleidoscope Virtual Assistant, so all we had to do was what we do best – this time at full throttle. Andrew approached all the key people he wished to see, then it was over to us to chase them up and arrange the meetings, while ensuring every venue was a practical choice in just the right location to keep things on schedule.

The result? Andrew arrived in Cannes with a diary packed with everything he needed for 40 appointments with essential contacts.

The coup of the week came when Andrew needed a last-minute dinner reservation. Apparently there is no such thing as a last-minute dinner reservation at the Cannes TV Festival, but that is no obstacle for the trademark charm and persistence of a Kaleidoscope Virtual Assistant. With some intelligent research and a few well placed phone calls, Andrew’s assistant managed to track down the perfect venue. The venue turned out to be one of Cannes’ best-kept secrets serving what Andrew described as ‘the best food in France’.

Federal Petroleum Services Co

Danny Dougramachi

Managing Director

Our client Danny Dougramachi manages specialised oil and gas services in the Kurdistan Region, a role that requires frequent multi-stop business trips to the Middle East.

He makes the journey on a regular basis, and his work often requires a very late change in those travel plans. This means Danny requires a highly-organised and cool-headed assistant with the expertise to get him exactly where he needs to be, when he needs to be there.

Kaleidoscope’s strategy for Danny is pro-active and ultra-responsive. Danny’s Virtual Assistant organises his trips as far in advance as possible, but when the day of travel approaches she makes sure she is by the phone. Everything she needs is at her fingertips, from his own secure travel information to airline contacts, so when things need to change, she can make it happen.

Over time this has led to Kaleidoscope taking a trusted role in assisting with Danny’s personal travel plans too, organising holidays and outings for him and his family including specially researched activities for his children.

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