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What would be YOUR Olympic gold event?

I’m adding my voice to the chorus of praise ringing loud for the achievements and efforts of Team GB.

This Olympics has truly been tremendous, and like many of you, it’s converted me overnight from indifference into being an avid sports fan.

As a businesswoman, I’m sure I’m not alone in finding the athletes’ commitment, energy and phenomenal effort extremely inspiring. Many of them have incredible talent, but that talent would go nowhere without the years of hard work they have put in.

It just goes to show what can be achieved when you set your sights on a goal and go for it, without allowing yourself to be stopped by any kind of doubt or setback.

The athletes have focus, determination and planning. They seek advice about training and nutrition, and get themselves a coach – in fact it’s clear that they do what they do as part of a team.

Whether our Olympic athletes have walked away with a medal or not, to me they’re all truly inspiring heroes.

It does make me wonder what could be achieved if we approached running our business the way they do.

As business owners, we do have it much easier than Olympic athletes in many ways. For a start, we don’t have the whole world watching us – yet.

Furthermore, we have an infinite number of gold medals we could achieve, because in business, you define your own success.

So what would your gold medal be? What would you consider to be the pinnacle of business success, the thing that would make you feel like one of those athletes stood on the highest podium with a gold medal around your neck, looking back over years of hard, hard work and feeling every moment had been worth it, because you’ve made it?

I truly believe if you set your goal, and make sure it’s something that inspires you like this, and then just go for it, working to the best of your ability, every day, assessing your performance – then you too could have your golden day.

So, what would be your Olympic gold event?

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