When Virtual Assistants go professional

When Virtual Assistants go professional

Looking back at the evolution of my industry – administration and office management – its traditional roots lay with the secretary sitting outside the boss’s office, acting as gatekeeper and waiting for their instructions on the next phone call or typing assignment.

With the arrival of the personal computer everyone got their own screen and keyboard, everyone’s typing speeds increased, email came along and business relationships were transformed simply by the speed of the response times.

Managing directors and heads of department could easily acquire the skills they needed for typing, reports, letters – everything that was originally the domain of the PA. However, they wouldn’t necessarily want to do those tasks. They still needed a dedicated professional, so the role of the PA changed within that traditional framework.

How we became cyber-secretaries!

More recently, technology – or the way we are making use of it – has allowed professional administration to take the extra step into full-time freelance work. We can provide administration and PA services to a number of clients – and so long as we have our laptops we can work anywhere, for anyone, at any location. Even if we are stuck at home during the heavy snow it is still business as usual.

Outsourcing has provided an essential anchor to many businesses during the recent economic storm, allowing tighter control over budgets. When you think about it, what parts of your business can be outsourced?

  • Human resources
  • IT strategy and technical support
  • Training
  • Accounts
  • Administration

Shall I go on!? Every single one of these can be bought in from experts as and when they are needed.

Get an army of experts at your fingertips.

The ‘as and when’ aspect is the key to all the benefits for businesses. It’s preferable to employing unwieldy departments, with all the financial obligations of maternity and sick pay, holiday cover and health and safety costs that come with it. Thanks to the internet these can be dispensed with. Buying them in from specialised consultants slashes the risks.

Once you’re selecting your services from a wide marketplace, you can pay for the best quality you can afford without taking the responsibility of training staff or paying for holidays and sick leave. For example, in small and medium-sized businesses, instead of fighting with paperwork until you’re big enough to afford a full-time administrator, businesses can take someone like us on for just a few hours a week if that’s what they can afford – we can get through plenty of work in an hour!

However, a tight budget does not mean anyone compromises on quality – the choice of highly skilled, experienced professionals is out there, without paying the price. So it’s boom times for the entrepreneur; the range of services that can now be offered remotely are only limited by our own imagination.

As Virtual Assistants we can be sat outside dozens of people’s offices, available to take instructions from our clients from anywhere in the world. Dictation, anyone?

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