Why a Virtual Assistant is good for business

Why a Virtual Assistant is good for business

I recently read an article by Sujan Patel entitled ‘Top 10 Mistakes That’ll Kill Your Outsourcing Relationships‘. The article focuses on mistakes made by clients when communication with and delegating to their virtual assistants.

I know the concerns about taking on a Virtual Assistant – it can be hard to let go of some of those essential tasks, especially in a business you’ve set up yourself from scratch. Maybe you really feel you should do everything, you don’t like asking for help, or you’re not sure whether you trust anyone else to value your business and clients as much as you do.

But a good Virtual Assistant is worth their weight in gold. It won’t take more than a week of working with one before you wonder why you ever held back.

As your business becomes more successful, it becomes more important to be well organised – but unfortunately the time available to do that decreases. If you are meeting yourself coming backwards all the time, you are going to end up letting yourself down and you’re in danger of letting your clients down, too.

How would it change your working life if you could have a trusted assistant working alongside you in your organisation? Someone who treats your clients with the same level of professionalism you do and is so reliable that handing something over to them creates instant peace of mind – in other words, the ‘phew’ factor!

A good Virtual Assistant can arrange all your meetings for you, book rooms and restaurant reservations, train tickets and overnight accommodation. If you’re working with corporate clients, they may well be used to working through Personal Assistants – a good Virtual Assistant should have enough experience to liaise confidently with your clients and their PAs and organise your diary properly.

An excellent Virtual Assistant will also have the executive skills to build relationships on your behalf – as well as saving you time, hassle and money, they will make you more successful, too!

If this is the sort of help you need – give us a call at Kaleidoscope Virtual Assistant Services. We’d love to talk to you about making your life easier and your business more profitable!

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